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This Form is only for the above service of building design.  You must find a local builder to construct it.

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We are pleased to provide our latest offering:


We realize we cannot reach every corner of the United States, but with our design services, you can now get a Cedar Valley Post-Frame building!

A Cedar Valley Post-Frame building means quality, and quality pays, it doesn't cost.  With our design specifications and a strict adherence to the construction and materials, your building will be guaranteed to last you 50+ years and still look and function perfectly!

What is included in our design service:

1) A full set of blueprints

Our blueprints are accepted by every township in our service area in Pennsylvania.  Some states and townships may require blueprints drawn by a registered design professional licensed in your state, but you can significantly reduce their costs by providing them our drawings.  They are also free to stamp our design pages outright.

2) Material lists

Our material lists provide your chosen builder with all of the specifications to quote your building to the dollar.  Providing them with the blueprints and assembly drawings takes all of the background work off them, reducing your costs.

3) Assembly Drawings

Our assembly drawings show specifically how each component of your building is applied.  Each item is labeled with a reference chart on each individual assembly drawing page, even showing the cut length.


4) Design

Design is free!  We will work with you online to get your building just the way you want it.  We provided you with a link to your specific building and your are free to rotate and examine every component on the building inside and out.  You can even toggle the exterior on and off to inspect the framing!

5) Cost

What does our design service cost?  We are efficiency experts, we can have your design, assembly drawings, material lists and blueprints completed for you within 24 hours for a flat fee of $500.00.  There's no reason to wait, fill out our online form below!

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