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Why Choose Cedar Valley Post-Frame?

Cedar Valley Difference!

Aluminum or Steel Frame Entry Door

Never needs painting, will never rot

Fully Insulated R-13 Garage Door w/finished steel interior

High quality door, neoprene rollers, smooth and quiet operation

Installed by Palmerton Garage Doors

Quality Built From the Ground Up - Here's How:


Splash/Skirt Board

This board is at ground level and holds in your concrete.  We only use a minimum of a 2x8 Ground Contact Splash Board.  This is important because if a 2x6 is used, when your concrete is poured, it will push your building walls out.  This board MUST be a Ground Contact Board, if it is not stated in your contract, it's probably not and will eventually rot.

Headers (Truss Carriers)

We use only SYP (southern yellow pine) MSR Grade Headers - These are #1 SYP machine stress rated to carry heavier loads.  All of our structures are designed to withstand a 50 year storm.


We only use pre-engineered trusses of a #2 SYP Grade or Better.  Here is a picture of a #3 SYP truss found on a competitors building, those knots are at a stress point, would you want this holding up your roof?

Framing Lumber

This is the most abused area of construction and one which separates a good builder from a bad one.  Not only is the material selection important, it's the amount of materials used and where.  There are several areas where a little extra framing goes a long way.


Our framing lumber selection is all #2 or Better grade lumber.  This means less warping and straighter boards.  You want your building straight and you want it to stay that way.  Ours will and here is why:

1) Entry Door Headers - There should be a #1 SYP 2x6 installed at the top of your entry door on the outside of your building extending from structural pole to structural pole that ties in the shorter door pole.  On the inside we do the exact same thing using a #1 SYP 2x6 to ensure that the non-structural entry door pole can't warp or twist.  We also install a 2x6 soffit directly above your entry door frame which adds additional rigidity to the tie-in.  We guarantee your entry door will work smoothly forever.  If your door pole ever warps or misaligns your door, we'll replace it for free.

2) Garage Door Headers - We only use #1 SYP for our headers.  This is extremely important for several reasons.  Many times these boards assist in supporting your roof and going cheap here is a bad idea.  Combined with our MSR Truss Carriers, our ability to carry a load far exceeds code requirements.  Our headers will never sag under any conditions including over time.

3) Roof Purlins - An often overlooked area of longevity is the bottom most purlin on your roof.  This is the 2x4 that should be installed just above your face board at the bottom of your roof slope.  We see it time and time again where the roof steel is screwed directly into the top of the face board.  This is a totally incorrect and ignorant installation.  The reason is simple, your face board is running vertical and your roof is at a slope.  This creates an area under the bottom screws that is open.  Due to expansion and contraction, these screws will 'lift' causing your eave to leak and your face board to rot.  A proper installation is to install an extra 2x4 (purlin) on the roof slope all the way down against the face board.  Screws are applied directly into the 2x4 at the same angle as the steel, ensuring the screw will stay tight and never leak.


Proper pole size and length is so important.  Your pole MUST go from the footing to the top of the truss, if it doesn't, you've been ripped off.  Consider the following pictures, the builder is very popular for their "cheap" buildings.

Each pole we prepare has uplift restraint blocks installed on the bottom of the pole, if these are not installed, your building can lift.

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